PDC Course Programme

The Course Programme broadly covers:

–  permaculture ethics, design principles and implementation,
–  organic growing methods (vege gardens, herbs, fruit),
–  rural land management (orchards, pastures, trees, water systems),
–  integrated animal systems,
–  water harvesting & storage, grey-water & ‘waste’ recycling,
–  ecological building,
–  renewable energy systems,
–  suburban-scale design.

participants in roundhouse at Permaculture Course

Days on the PDC are usually pretty full, with up to 5 sessions per day, and the course programme offers a variety of learning modalities covering large amounts of content. Learning modalities include: theoretical teaching, observation exercises, practical sessions, design exercises, field visits, slideshows/DVDs. Three deep ecology evenings support our learning to integrate into our personal life journeys.

Bring your openness to different interactive learning modalities and stamina to take in the vast amount of learning on offer…

A usual day might look like this:

6.30am   Morning Wellbeing (optional)


8-8.30am    Mahi Groups (handy help with daily jobs)

8.30-9am   Morning Circle

9-10.30am   Session 1

10.30-11am   Morning Tea

11-12.30  Session 2

12.30-2.30pm    LUNCH

2.30-4pm   Session 3

4-4.30pm   Afternoon Tea

4.30-6pm  Session 4

6-7pm   DINNER

7-8.30pm   Session 5

Tree Frog

We have set aside two afternoons for practical hands-on learning (gardening and building) as well as two afternoons for on-site learning at two residences on Tui Community. Further, we will spend one full day out in Golden Bay visiting four different examples of permaculture put to practice. The course concludes with a four-day design exercise in small teams culminating in a public presentation.

Free Time:

Free time is usually sparse during the course. We recommend using the lunch break as well as evenings to unwind.

We will have a few evenings off as well as two mornings and one full day to allow for integration of new knowledge and relaxation.

Mother Nature is glorious in Golden Bay, so many options for communing with Her...