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We are alive at an extraordinary moment in time: It is a time of growing uncertainty, as climate catastrophe looms, the sixth mass extinction accelerates, and the wounds of inequality and inhumanity are laid bare. It is also a time of great possibility when creativity, courage, and collective action can change the political and ecological landscape for future generations. A time when many of us are seeking ways to reconnect to one another and to the living Earth, and to bring forth our particular gifts to contribute.

The Work That Reconnects is a transformational body of work that includes theories and interactive practices enabling us to reconnect to our own true nature, the web of life, and to our human community. Opening our hearts and minds to the love and the grief we feel for our world empowers us to act on behalf of Earth. We use experiential practices, poetry, ritual, song, movement and silence to guide our journey through the four stages of the spiral of the Work That Reconnects. These four stages support one another and help us experience first hand that we are larger, stronger, deeper, and more creative than we have been brought up to believe.

Drawing on the work of Joanna Macy, John Seed and Arne Naess this workshop will empower you to act on behalf of Earth with clarity, love and direction. Everybody is welcome. No previous experience necessary.

Your Facilitator:

Inna Alex is a passionate community organizer, environmental educator, deep ecology facilitator and yoga teacher. Inna has been teaching Deep Ecology workshops around NZ for the past 12 years, having studied both with Joanna Macy and John Seed.

„For me, Joanna’s “Work That Reconnects” is the bridge between our spiritual journeys & how we act in the world. I’m amazed how powerful this work is in enabling us to experience ourselves as part of the Living Whole and recommit to wholeheartedly engage in its healing.“

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Inna Alex


“An essential experience to awaken ourselves to reconnect with our innate nature. Through creative and explorative exercises the workshop lead me to feel and be with myself and others authentically with a joint vision to be part of healing our world.” – Jenni Robertson, NZ, 2018

“I am nourished and nurtured by the growth of my Ecological Self.” – Ngarie Penne, NZ, 2017

“Inna leads the workshop with courage and commitment that leaves you in no doubt that a small idea and group of people can help change the world.” – Fran Mitchell, NZ, 2018

Here’s a 2min video with some feedback about our March 2019 Retreat.