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Watch documentaries at our
Localising Food Project.

Inspiring educational films & short stories which document community initiatives already happening around Aotearoa, NZ.
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About us

Earthcare Education's mission:
* Recreating Right Relationship with ALL Communities – respecting ALL life as sacred.
* Facilitating sustainable human settlements, where culture embraces nature.
* Restoring ecosystems whilst establishing food security.

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Annual Permaculture Design Course

Usually Feb – March each year.

Our annual course covers the standard two week international Permaculture Design Certificate curriculum, taught over a 18 day period in an integrated hands-on way.

This popular course is taught by one of NZ's permaculture pioneers and held at a beautiful outdoors education venue at one of NZ's oldest intentional communities in Golden Bay.

Wainui Bay and the wider Golden Bay has breathtaking scenery and is known for its beautiful landscape.
Participants love visiting places like Wainui Falls, Wainui Beach, Pupu Springs, Wharariki Beach..

Previous Participants have reported feeling 'rewilded' and having fully recharged their batteries and feeling  renewed inspiration and courage to make a difference and be a much needed force of good on this Planet !

PDC Course

LOcalising Food Project

Empowering communities in local food resilience and create healthy, enriching local food cultures throughout NZ.

This mission came about as a response to the rapid decline in food security, escalating costs of food, and the increase in natural disasters, especially earthquakes and floods which have devastated some bioregions in New Zealand.

To engage with local communities, we offered a series of interactive workshops to develop food resilience action plans and teach hands-on skills.

As a result, many local food networks were formed, home growers upskilled and properties transformed into food havens.  In addition, thousands of home-saved heirloom seeds were exchanged, school seedbanks formed and food gardens established.

We have crafted 5 documentaries of this journey.

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Watch some of these inspiring documentaries by going to the website here!

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