Localising Food Project

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The Localising Food Project aims to educate and inspire people towards local food resilience.
The first stage was The Localising Food Tour – a journey around New Zealand running workshops and filming inspiring examples of food resilience. This was the foundation stage of a larger vision to create a series of films for international distribution in 2013.
We are now in this second stage – producing inspiring documentaries from this exceptional experience.

Tour Details

A weekend workshop in each location on Community Food Resilience;
* During the week, several short ‘how to’ Practical workshops (eg seed saving & exchanging, starting your own home garden) being hosted at schools and on properties.
* Info about the ‘Food Bill’, and how to ensure bioregional food security –  regardless!
Documentary interviews and filming of selected inspiring examples of local food initiatives, for producing one powerful comprehensive DVD, and several other themed DVDs for public use.  A dream would be to produce a quality suitable for television audiences. Roles: educator/s, administrator/organizer, filmmaker (& editor).  Is one of these roles you?! – let us know if interested. We are a Charitable Trust, and are seeking funding sources for travel overheads, film-making equipment, the printing of resource materials for distribution and the building of an ‘eco-wagon’.  Also for the production of DVD’s for public distribution, once the journey and film editing is completed. The intention is to sustain some of our food and accommodation needs through Wwoofing at some of these local examples en route.