SEED International is based at the internationally acclaimed Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, Australia

Novalis Institute provides adult education for personal inner development within a supportive community. The philosophical basis of Novalis Institute are the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy

Abalima works with Individuals and groups from disadvantaged communities in Cape Town Metropole, recognise the link between their survival, health and the active improvement of their environment.

Sustainable Futures Australia has been recognised since 1988 for innovative work in sustainability planning, design and education services, including the following awards:

The Tui Spiritual & Educational Trust is a charitable Trust dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of community life.

Welcome to Earthsong, which we are proud to say is New Zealand’s first and (at present) only cohousing community. It is an urban eco-neighbourhood, located in Waitakere City, West Auckland.

The Gaia foundation in Brazil now led by Lara Lutzenberger, works on environmental education, recycling and waste management, and training in regenerative agriculture.