EARTH-SPIRIT: a Nature Connection Workshop

IMG_4047North Pembrokeshire, Wales, 25 – 30 Aug 2015


‘Earth-Spirit’ is a facilitated immersion into the natural world. A residential extended weekend.

The intention is to deepen and empower personal connection with the spirit of the land, in a life sustaining way. This includes sharing practical skills to enable participants to be co-creators of sacred land spaces and effective agents of positive cultural change, guided by the underlying wisdom of Nature.


Workshop content range:

(1) Personal Healing & Wisdom
  • eco-literacy – ‘reading the land’, familiarization with local ecology
  • sensory awareness skills to listen to the needs and wisdom of the land
  • creating a ‘personal seasonal calendar’ to align to nature’s cycles, rhythms and patterns
  • working with nature as teacher/guide and healer/empowerer
  • wildcrafting – identifying, harvesting and eating from the wilderness
(2) Cultural Healing & Wisdom
  • deep ecology – philosophy, experience, practical  application
  • cultivating stewardship
  • ceremony/ritual to deepen connection with elements
  • laying out and using a simple Medicine Wheel
  • rebuilding culture rooted in nature
(3) Environmental Healing & WisdomIMG_0845-Observation
  • Permaculture landuse design with and for nature
  • dowsing, mapping and working with earth-energy fields
  • creating and utilising Sacred Spaces within any landscape


Daily Rhythm:

Early morning attunement (eg yoga / meditation), experiential activities, knowledge sharing, guided nature walks, alone time, cultural activity, hands-on skills.



Lammas Community, Tir y Gafel, in North Pembrokeshire, WALES

SLATERKate 26-02-2015 3-15 pm



Robina McCurdy (Earthcare Education Aotearoa New Zealand)

Robin Clayfield (Earthcare Education Australia)

Tom Clare (Wales)

Shando Varda (Wales)

Emma Varda (Wales)

Rose Diamond (Aotearoa / New Zealand)



Cost per person:

£75 – £125 (students, unwaged, pensioners, low income)

£150 – £200 (sliding scale for standard waged)

£250 (well-waged, organisations)

More details on food will be provided when registering.

*Please determine your own position and assess your own figure within these sliding scales. No work exchanges or further concessions available.

Cost includes: Workshop, handouts, camping, basic food.

Bring own tent.  In addition, bring own food to share, or else a financial contribution towards purchase.









Robina is an international facilitator-educator in integrated land-use design (permaculture), with application to households, neighbourhoods, schools, farms, ecovillages and bioregions. Her special gift is in creating and facilitating participatory processes which connect nature and culture. Robina is a founder-member of Tui Community and Land Trust, and the pioneer of both S.E.E.D. (Schools Environmental Education & Development) and foundee-Trustee of Earthcare Education Aotearoa. Re-connection with nature is core to all of Robina’s work.

Robin-Clayfield-226x300ROBIN CLAYFIELD

Robin is a respected international facilitator, trainer, author and musician with a passion for Creative, Interactive Group work, Permaculture, Deep Ecology, Transition, Ceremony and Empowerment work. Robin has presented an amazing diversity of leading edge educational and transformational programs. She is the founder of ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’, a holistic learning methodology and workshop program and runs the business ‘Earthcare Education’ in Australia.

Tom-LammasPicTOM CLARE

Tom is a born and bred gardener with a life long passionate involvement with the natural world. Originally from a small fishing village on the west coast of Wales, his earliest memories include catching eels with his father and raiding raw peas from the veg plot. More recently he has focused on deep ecology and restorative agriculture. He has been responsible for extensive planting of pollinator attractant wild flowers around the communal areas of Lammas. Tom’s knowledge covers wild harvest, companion plants, medicinal properties, folklore, soil indications and much more. He hopes to share and inspire as we explore the land with him.

SHANDO VARDA  Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 22.59.34

Shando and his wife Emma, founded the Live Earth Trust, establishing their land in Wales as a sacred site. Shando teaches a range of ways of connecting with the natural world, including non verbal communication with nature, ‘earthing’, play in nature, laying and using a medicine wheel, and becoming native. He does this through simple practical demonstrations, exercises, experiences and creating deep listening situations that open us up to directly learn from the Earth.


Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 22.48.55

After extensive global experience learning from indigenous peoples with their shamanic traditions, Emma established the ‘Becoming Native’ project, to help us explore our way back to wholeness and connection with life, Nature and each other. Drawing from native wisdom and understandings, her teachings blend the old ways with the new, using ceremonies, songs, earth awareness, storytelling etc.

Download a copy of the Draft Earth Spirit Programme here.


NB This poster is an older version, the dates have been changed, please see above for updated information.