Empowered Activism Training – March 2020

24 March – 1 April 2020

The Treefield, Tui Community, Golden Bay, South Island, Aotearoa/New Zealand


More details for the 2020 training coming soon

Register your interest by emailing earthcarenz@gmail.com


This week-long embodied experience seeks to reframe activism as an essential, positive contributor to the transformation of social and ecological systems. The course will offer a range of tools and tactics for effective change-making –  facilitated through dynamic group exercises, deep connection, adventure and play. This immersive learning experience will equip change makers with the skills to navigate the complexity of the modern world


He waka eke noa
We’re all in the same waka


Register your interest for the 2020 training by emailing earthcarenz@gmail.com



Details from the 2019 training are below, to be updated soon




Embodying and facilitating skills for activism

Enabling and empowering personal sense of purpose

Nourishing wellbeing and avoiding burnout

Turning passion into your livelihood

Building and supporting networks and communities

Living in deep relationship with social and ecological systems



  • Communication and facilitation skills;
  • Dealing with root causes and targeting action at ‘pressure points’ to leverage change;
  • The vibrant ‘rainbow of activism’ – how to generate change through diversity, solidarity and alliance;
  • Tracking patterns, systems thinking and frameworks;
  • Storytelling and mapping ecological identity;
  • Kaitiakitanga;
  • Deep Ecology and Theater of the Oppressed;
  • Community co-design, social governance and decision making processes;
  • Succession and Leadership; and
  • Dynamic group problem solving and play.




Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi
With your basket and my basket the people will prosper







The Tui Treefield is a rustic, outdoor venue, located at the top of the South Island, on the beachfront of Wainui Bay and the western edge of Able Tasman (pictured above). It’s paradise! There will be opportunities during the course for swimming, exploration and adventures through the National Park. It is a 30 min drive from Takaka and 2.5 hours from Nelson. We will send more info on options for getting here upon registration.




Facilities and Accommodation:

The Tui Outdoor Events Treefield is a purpose created rustic outdoor-events centre with kitchen-dining room area, outdoor shower-toilet facilities, two gathering centres/classroom spaces, plus camping-style accommodation.

All Treefield facilities are wheelchair accessible. 

Several accommodation options are available at the Tui Treefield, including staying in our tipi (3 person) or bell tent (6 person) and plenty of space for you to camp in your own tent or (camper)van. Prices are the same for each option. Mattresses can be provided (BYO sheet and sleeping bag).

If you would like to reserve a space in the tipi or bell tent please note this in the registration form, spaces are limited.



All meals will be provided during the course, cooked on-site by Karen Palmer. Food will be vegetarian and where possible locally sourced and organic.



COST: $800 incl. camping and food


We’re exploring turning passion into right livelihood. As part of this journey, we’re seeking to embody that by making sure all facilitators and contributors are being reciprocated, while cutting as many costs as possible to lower the price for participants.


Ticket Subsidy:

When registering for the course, you will have the option to contribute extra funds to subsidise other course participants who may need support. If you can afford it, we encourage you to pay it forward.

If you feel the need for support, you will have the opportunity while registering to share your needs and existing situation.

We can only offer subsidies for part-scholarships, up to the amount of money which comes in from others. The more we receive, the more we can enable minimally resourced people to attend. If you are contributing extra, please do so before 10 Jan 2019. We can then advise those seeking support how much we can offer.


Payment Plan Option:

You can pay for this course over time, beginning with a $200 non-refundable deposit. You can choose the terms of your payment, so long as you have paid the balance by 31/01/2019.

If you’re really keen to be a part of this, but there’s not much in your wallet, we suggest getting in touch with us at earthcarenz@gmail.com to communicate your situation – perhaps other members of the activism community will be able to support you.


Detailed information will be sent to you after registration eg full programme, what to bring etc


Contact: Inna Alex – earthcarenz@gmail.com


Facilitation Team:


Robina McCurdy (Golden Bay) – Primary Facilitator

Robina’s passion is to bring about significant change in the lives of people, communities, and the environment through community development, permaculture design, education, organic growing, the creation of participatory processes for decision making and collective action.

Robina is co-founder of Tui Land Trust & Community, Earthcare Education Aotearoa, Golden Bay’s ‘PLANET Organic’, and SEED (Schools Environmental Education & Development) in South Africa which is now a national-scale permaculture in schools programme. More recently she was co-ordinator/designer/tutor of Victory Villages Community Garden in Nelson, and an educator with Christchurch’s Harbour Basin Food Resilience Project. As an ecovillage designer, she has facilitated the development stages of numerous ecovillages.

Currently, Robina is the director of Earthcare’s ‘Localising Food Project’ and is engaged in documentary production on this theme as well as collaborating to design and develop a new large-scale ecovillage in Aotearoa-NZ. Robina brings a wealth of driving energy, knowledge, experience and connection to all that she engages with.


Dave Hursthouse (Waiheke Island) – Primary Facilitator

Dave Hursthouse is a Waiheke Island based Ecological Designer, Facilitator, and Educator. He brings a critical, revolutionary eye to all that he engages with and is resolutely committed to improving senescent human systems via wholesome processes of design. Dave is enthusiastically focused on sowing the seeds of passion and courage among those world-shakers and world-makers dedicated to developing human systems more in tune with wider ecological patterns. He is passionate about transformative learning, forest ecologies, systemic patterns, critical theory, design philosophy, design process and radically creative change-making.

Dave studied human systems at Otago University exploring political science, anthropology, sociology, economics, political philosophy and global food systems.  Dave led the Agriculture Team at IPCIndia 2017, spent two years coordinating the 1acre Papamoa Community Garden, has facilitated the co-design of a number of community projects, is a PiNZ Councillor and is part of the Making Permaculture Stronger project. He is now co-developing The Centre for Socio-Ecological Learning with a number of others. His passions lie in forest systems and social dynamics, employing an awareness of both in dynamic group facilitation.



Emma Morris (Waiheke Island) – Coordinator & Facilitator

Emma is a skilled project coordinator, facilitator and educator based on Waiheke Island. She has an intuitive understanding of patterns and systems, allowing her to perceive critical connections and solve complex problems. Emma is passionate about socio-ecological regeneration and is inspired by enabling others to fulfill their purpose through dynamic experiences and play. Emma co-owns a business with her partner Cameron which offers Ecological Regeneration, Urban Planning and Permaculture services (Nature Working Ltd.).

Raised by a family of activists, Emma grew up surrounded by a deep knowledge of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s social and political history. With a background in Strategic Planning and policy analysis, she is exploring the edge between making positive change at a policy level while engaging at the grassroots community level. Emma is currently undertaking her Masters, examining how to bring a deeper ecological perspective to the world of policy development and governance. Emma is currently co-developing The Centre for Socio-Ecological Learning.


Inna Alex (Golden Bay) – Administrator & Deep Ecology Facilitator

Inna is a trained Environmental Planner and Landscape Architect. Living at Tui Community, she aims to integrate her Permaculture knowledge by co-ordinating and co-teaching some of Earthcare’s Permaculture Education Programmes, living actively in intentional community, teaching yoga and tending the garden.

Inna is our course administrator and does her best to facilitate everyone’s registrations. Her main focus in teaching on the PDC at Tui is Deep Ecology – she is passionate about facilitating access to and sustenance of our internal motivation and capacities to heal our world.


Leo Gedye (Golden Bay) – Practical Assist

Leo is a systems thinker, permaculture designer, food grower and ecology enthusiast specialising in New Zealand Native flora and fauna. He has a Bachelor of Anthropology and Film Production from University of Victoria which compliments his natural understanding of human systems.

Leo believes that living a wholesome, ethical and outwardly engaging life can be one of the greatest forms of activism. He is dedicated to facilitating and supporting individuals and communities to this end, as well as providing the means for self-education and empowerment through the power of mindfulness, story telling, personal narrative and critical thinking.

Leo was on the Agriculture Team at IPCindia2017, has coordinated and worked on  community gardens in the Wellington region, has been a member of several groups focused on community engagement, and is an active member of the Growing Power Food Sovereignty movement.


Multiple Guest Tutors including:

Wiremu Grace – Kaitiakitanga

Inna Alex – Deep Ecology

Mataora Hotoke – Hauora

Aralyn Dorian – Storytelling

Jen Hyde & Andy Dolling – Theatre of Liberation

Rowan Brooks  – Whakamana

Sam O’Sullivan – Hauora