Courtney Brooke


Courtney Brooke co-organizes, coordinates and tutors on Permaculture Design Courses & other land-based, educational endeavors. She holds a B.S. in Ecology and Anthropology of Human Food Systems from the Odum School of Ecology.

Courtney Brooke has engaged in a spiral courthship with permaculture all her life – starting with growing up on her family farm. She is best know by her passion for dynamic group facilitation, for studying the language of eco-literacy to decipher the dynamic book of natural patterns to use in system design, development and maintenance straight from the blueprints of the landscape. She currently lives part time in Takaka, on the top of the South Island, New Zealand and part-time in her home, the Southeastern Appalachia mountains.

Courtney has studied with teachers and mentors including David Holmgren, Robina McCurdy, Dan Palmer, Patricia Allison, Zev Friedman, Robin Clayfield, Annaliese Hordern & Ross Mars. She has been an experiential educator for seven years; teaching dynamic, nature-based curriculum to youth of all ages, young adults and adults. Though she has taught at a range of venues including nature centers, elementary schools, adventure camps, and, of course, right off the land, her main focus in education these days is around Permaculture & Regenerative System Design. At the moment, she is in pursuit of her Professional Diploma in Permaculture Education with Permaculture Institute North America (P.I.N.A).