About Us

EEA Logo_tanbkWelcome to Earthcare Education Aotearoa

Our mission (kaupapa) is:

  • Recreating Right Relationship with ALL Communities – respecting ALL life as sacred
  • Facilitating sustainable human settlements, where culture embraces nature
  • Restoring ecosystems whilst establishing food security


INSTITUTE OF EARTHCARE EDUCATION AOTEAROA is a non-profit Trust dedicated to the ethics and principles of sustainability and Permaculture.

Earthcare’s objectives are:

1. to provide and promote education in environmental awareness, sustainable land use and responsible resource management.

2. to promote a wholistic approach to education by teaching the principles and practices of cooperation, community participation and sustainable culture.

3. to promote, conduct and publish research and educational materials on sustainable systems.

Earthcare often partners other organisations with compatible aims in delivering facilitation, education, design or consultancy services.

Earthcare Education have developed a set of Financial Principles, check out the link for further details.

Contact Us

Contact Earthcare Education Aotearoa :  earthcarenz@gmail.com

About Earthcare Education Aotearoa